Smell my Fingernail Polish!

I picked up three of the Color Club Holiday polishes at Sally last week. Two of them claimed to be scented; the mini pack that has three colors and the flakie topcoat proclaims that the scents are pomegranate (presumably the red polish), wooded herbs, and cocoa marshmallow. Since they all just smell like nail polish in the bottle, a manicure was in order to figure out what was what. I got to painting with Ho-Ho-Holly.


This was absolutely beautiful; shimmery and foily but smooth. There’s a subtle gold glitter in it, but not enough to be visible in a quick glance. “But, wait” – I know you’re asking – “WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE?” Well, here’s the problem. I have a cold. I have been some form of stuffed up for about five weeks. So I sniffed, and I sniffed, and I went out to have drinks and asked the bartender (he’s a friend of mine), “hey, what does my nail polish smell like?” He looked at me like I was crazy and deferred on the grounds that I was sick and he didn’t want to get sick. I asked the young lady at Sally who had sold them to me, and who had been curious herself as to what scent they were, and she too claimed to have a cold. Lesson: Nobody wants to sniff your nail polish. Finally, I pulled out the Neti Pot and got my sinuses a little clearer, and I smell what smells like Pine-Sol.  That kind of makes sense; there’s a “pine tree” spirit to this color, and that leaves the obvious pairing of cocoa marshmallow for the blue polish (obviously, right?). $3.49 with Beauty Club card at Sally.


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