Urban Outfitters Holographic Polishes!

Urban Outfitters has three beautiful hologram polishes available right now. They’re available in pink, green, and silver in the stores. While their regular polish is $5 a bottle, this is $10. I’ve had varying luck getting them to honor the “2 for $8″ pricing they’re extending on the $5 bottles, so I feel like I’ve lucked into it when I manage to get them to sell them to me for $4 each. And for $4 or $10, you get a full 15 mL, not a downsized serving. Plus, they have the most creative names ever – “Pink Holo,” “Green Holo,” and “Silver Holo.”

I’ve used the silver, and it is absolutely amazing. Like, no exaggeration, I almost got in a wreck (well, almost drove into a bush) captivated by the sparkle. It went four days before the first chips with a Bonder basecoat and a Seche Vite topcoat. This is two coats and dried quickly with no problems.

They’re available in some stores where you might be able to get the 2 for $8 pricing, and online for $10 at Urban Outfitters, although online they only have the pink and silver available. Runrunrun to get them!


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