Netflix for Nail Polishes

After a mysterious email signup page, Lacquerous is launching. It touts itself as a Netflix for nail polish – but what does that mean? You pay $18 a month. For that price you “rent” three polishes, each of which you are allowed to use up to three times. (They apparently can tell by the level in the bottles when they come back if you used too much). At the end of the month, you send them back. The brands include Chanel, Dior, Nars, Butter London, and Deborah Lippman. Nail polish can’t harbor bacteria, so it’s safe (they say).

Here’s my take. I know from selling polish on eBay that once a bottle has been open even to swatch, the value of a rare polish goes way down. So if you really want a barely used bottle of Butter London whatever, you can buy it on one of the many Facebook groups for $10 or so. And you can keep it, and use it for three manicures over 5 years, or use it for 10 manicures in a month. The ONLY reason I’d be up for using this service is if, say, there was a very rare bottle of Chanel I could “rent” and then accidentally “lose” it and email them and say, whoops, here’s $26 to make up for it. Short of that, I’d rather just buy my own polish. Oh, and did anyone else ever wait AGES for a new movie to be available from Netflix, hoping each day that you’d catch someone returning one, taking everything else out of your queue to force the issue so they couldn’t send you your 10th choice instead because you really wanted that one movie and that one movie only?

Thoughts? Is anyone going to sign up for Lacquerous?


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