Rite Aid – Halloween Sale

My local Rite Aid has gone to 75% off on Halloween merchandise. Here was my haul. 75 cents each for glitter, glitter eyeliner, and purple mascara. 50 cents each for NYC polishes. The Demon Glow topcoat claims to glow in UV light. I’m thinking about waiting out the snowman polishes until after the holidays and then stocking up.



2 thoughts on “Rite Aid – Halloween Sale

    • I feel like it will be great to change things up. I never wear anything more than a couple days so I don’t mind if it doesn’t last forever, and I feel like it’s the same effect I’d get by using Orly Liquid Vinyl and Glam FX, give or take – but all in one step. And for the price, even if it stinks, no biggie. My store still had everything nice in the displays; the other store near me had it all tossed in a bin and you had to root around under the leftover wigs.

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