Stash Additions

I admit freely that I am not a Twilight fan. I will go thirsty at the movies rather than buy soda that comes in a souvenir cup. But these were so pretty and so only $1.99 that I had to buy them.

The first, Jacob’s Protection, is blue but has lots of other colors in the glitter mix.
Probably the prettiest is Alice Had A Vision-Again, dominant purple but with green and blue in the shimmer mix.

Edward’s Love looks like a charcoal with silver, green, and purple glitter.
Finally, A Piece of Forever is a golden shimmer, boring by comparison to the other ones.

These are inexpensive and selling out fast. My Ulta didn’t get them, the big one for my area only had 2 polishes left when I called. The third store I tried was totally out of polish, and I lucked out on the fourth because the display was on a bottom shelf and I just don’t think anyone saw it. I’m looking forward to wearing these and seeing what they look like out of the bottle. Since I AM a big fan of Essence, I have high hopes.


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