My Favorite Polish Remover


When glitter first found its way into my nail collection, I loved it with one caveat. It was just too hard to remove it. I kept hearing about soaking my hands in remover, which I didn’t have time for (I can barely sit still for the time it takes to take off my polish and put a new one on). Then I read somewhere about the “polish remover jar with the bristles.” I hunted high and low, went to the beauty supply, Googled obsessively, and never found it.

Then one day I needed remover and picked some up in Target. When I opened it, this is what I found (well, this minus dozens of polish changes; a very clean and new version of this):


My life changed. I didn’t mind swapping my polish more often. If I screwed up I didn’t mind redoing the nail from scratch instead of trying to cover over the smudge and ending up with 8 coats deep of polish on half my nail. Here are the things I love about this remover:

  • The “dip and twist” has long been a preferable removal method to the “dump something on a cotton ball and scrub” method, but I got tired of little pieces of sponge coming off of the other “insert your finger” removers I’ve tried. Problem solved here – hardware stays in the bottle.
  • While it is not a magic solution for the glitter problem, I feel like my nails are getting extra scrubbed here, so I end up with fewer pieces I have to deal with post-acetone (I haven’t tested this; it’s just a guess).
  • When the remover in here is too disgusting, or is used up, it looks like I can dump it out, rinse with hot water, and replace, even if Target stops making these tomorrow. I’m not in danger of lamenting in a year’s time that Target used to make this great remover system, and now I can’t find it any more, wah wah. And if I wanted to replace with non-acetone, or candy scented remover or whatever, I could do that too.

This was inexpensive (I think under $4) at Target. There’s no pricing online; you can only buy it in the store. Don’t forget you save an extra 5% if you have a Target Redcard (one of the only reasons I use mine).


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