Sephora Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquer

Last week I got an email touting the annual 20% event for Sephora VIB members. It promised a tote bag with purchase while supplies last. Even though I got the tote bag last year and it was tiny and underwhelming, and even though I need another bag like I need a hole in my head, I headed to the mall. Once I got to Sephora, I got so distracted by these polishes I forgot to ask for my tote. Thankfully they were out of some of the colors, so I had to order one online, and thus was I able to obtain my tote as well. These are only $5 each ($4 after my VIB discount!) and, though they only have 11 mL of polish in them, how many of us ever actually use up a polish? Also look how pretty the boxes are!


One thing I noticed with these is that, perhaps because of the shape of the bottle, it wasn’t always easy to get polish on the brush. I’d dip the brush back in only to realize that I hadn’t gotten any more liquid on it, and it had to go back into the bottle. Other than that I was pretty impressed with these.

Violet Quartz was the first one I’ve used for a full manicure. It does a lovely transition from purple to bronzey-brown with a change in light. It seems to be more purple inside and more bronze in bright sunlight.


There are two more of these colors that I missed and am working on adding to my collection.


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