Deborah Lippman Cleopatra in New York Swatch and Review (for Daniela)

Today I am stuck in CLE, which, for non-lawyers, is a required all day thing where you sit and pretend to listen to people drone on about legal things. So it was a perfect day to run outside at each sweet breath of freedom and paint a hand and take some pictures. My friend Daniela has asked me to do a swatch for Deborah Lippman’s Cleopatra in New York, so I started there. Cleopatra is a black polish with large gold suspended glitter. To me it screams old Hollywood glamour – Grace Kelly, not Lindsay Lohan.


With one coat, there was very little coverage from the black part of the polish, but a lot of glitter. (I should have taken a picture at this point, but I was furtively outside with a bottle of polish remover and a bottle of polish and was trying to do this before somebody thought I was sneaking out hunched over lines or something. Also I didn’t really get a chance to do a cleanup on the edges.) On went coat two. I didn’t have full coverage yet with the black, but was now drowning in glitter, and was already thinking, “since I’m not at home, how in the world am I going to remove this to do the next set of swatches Daniela wanted at the next break?!” I was glittered out – but could still see through the black in a few places. I also was getting an increasingly pitted finish that was going to require a good bit of top coat to smooth out.


I stopped the madness, and had a revelation. This is a beautiful color if used correctly, and I think the correct way is like Orly Glam FX – it needs to be layered over a black base, like Orly Liquid Vinyl. This both saves the precious ($18 a bottle) Deborah Lippman, and lets you get a coat with less gold glitter in it – the glitter as an accent rather than the glitter as the main event and a little black peeping through. Of course, you could layer two coats of Cleopatra over a black base and have full coverage with more gold.

I didn’t have a problem with even glitter on this polish; it was easy to get a more or less equal amount of glitter out each time the brush went into the bottle.  Cleopatra in New York is available from Norstrom or from Deborah Lippman.


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