Butter London for Goop

This morning I woke up to an email announcing that Butter London had created 3 limited polishes available only at Goop.com. Goop, of course, is Gwyneth Paltrow’s web site that is often sneered at for her recommendations of products that are ridiculously overpriced for 98% of the readers. Picture her, in an affected British accent, saying something like “I heartily recommend this super organic macrobiotic kombucha dessert trifle that you can order for only $519.”  So in a way, it’s not really that surprising that an upper-tier British nail polish brand like Butter has teamed up with Gwyneth to create polish colors. (Full disclosure: I like Gwyneth. I don’t love her product recommendations, but I remember that she used to smoke cigarettes and saw her rap with Cameron Diaz for Chelsea Lately, and you don’t really hear about her being “best chums” with Madonna anymore, so I forgive the sometimes pretentious things that can come out of her mouth.)

Hampstead Heath is “Stylish yes festive; green and gold shine in a deep charcoal base.” This sounds an awful lot to me like Wallis. Bread & Butter Pudding is described as “The perfect light color for a non-committal polish fix.” Finally, Abso-bloody Lutely is a dark red/brown. These last two seem like polishes that could be found anywhere; they might be new to Butter but aren’t anything you couldn’t find in one of a ton of other polish lines.

They’re sold in a set of 3 for $36; they don’t seem to be available individually (which makes me even less likely to get even Hampstead Heath since it’s not separable from the other 2). On the other hand, shipping is free, so that’s a bonus!

Random aside: Did anyone else have a book about manners when they were a child called “Goops and How to Be Them?” Goops were these awful children who did terrible things, like licking their fingers and chewing loudly.


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