This Week’s Haul (so far)

Here’s what I’ve picked up this week. Let me know of anything that needs to move to the top of the swatch list!

I found all these Color Club polishes at TJ Maxx. For $10 I got the set of 6 colors with top coat, and for $4 I got these two pairs of the Winter Affair polishes I didn’t get at Sally. Note there’s an extra of this sparkle top coat that will end up in the swap list – but this was the same price for 2 polishes as for just the one at Sally. And I got the four minis for $5 – In True Fashion duochromes.




Next, my Butter London Fishwife arrived!


Essie Smooth Sailing ($4 at TJ’s) and Over the Top (full price at Ulta).


These two came from Ulta, which has 5 for $5 on polishes, hand lotion, and a ton of other stuff. This purple looks very similar to the Color Club purple with holo glitter.


Zoya Storm! I wasn’t interested from the original Zoya swatches but fell in love in the store.


One more Layla Ceramic Effects (remember it’s about $6.50 plus tax if you use your $3.50 off $10 coupon at Ulta).


FingerPaints holiday polishes – Elve’s Bells and Santa’s Magic. These were the two of the six that didn’t seem overly duplicative to me of other things I have.

And finally, here’s the Julep haul from two intro boxes and an add-on. Apparently this month they sent lots of glitter pots! The polishes are Sophie, Jodie, Toni, Michelle, and Caroline.


WHEW! Just typing that wore me out!


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