Butter London Fishwife Swatched (and a Trustafarian Comparison)

When Fishwife was announced, I wanted it but it was available only through Butter London’s website and for an exorbitant shipping fee, which I couldn’t justify by buying enough to hit the $75 for free shipping because I have literally everything I want from Butter except for this one polish. However, someone on one of my Facebook groups mentioned Beauty.com having it for sale, and it turned out the shipping was free. It arrived this week, and I thought, what a good time to test it out! I put on three coats, because it’s fairly sheer – and was underwhelmed.


But I knew that I needed to also take pictures under direct light to see if I could coax a little holo out of it – and WOW!


Next – outside. The sun wasn’t cooperating with me and I found a little bit through the clouds but I have no doubt that in bright sun, it would be another “stop looking at your nails and pay attention to the road” color!


Finally, someone had suggested that it might be too close to Trustafarian to justify owning both. My middle finger to the rescue! (Yes, I know how that sounds). Fishwife is blue; Trustafarian is a limey green with some yellow to it. I actually think I like Fishwife better.



I love these both, and I am very sad that these are 11 mL bottles because suddenly it feels like I might have to actively ration using them. Hopefully they will stay on the active list for a while so I don’t have to stock backups. Home run, Butter!


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