Layla Ceramic Effects #52 Butterfly Effect Swatched

When I saw this at Ulta, I squealed. It was beautiful in the bottle; blue with red shifting to green flakes. Or maybe it was purple; walking that borderland where it’s not quite settled which one is dominant. Because I had made promises to a few people, other polishes got swatched first, until today, when I thought, “it’s time.” Out came the first of three Ceramic Effects purchases.


I put three coats on the thumb and ring finger; two on the rest. Inside there’s not much difference but in the sun you can tell that two coats is patchy. It was smooth, and easy to apply, and there are those pink/red flakes.


In outdoor light, I got the red, then I turned and got green, then I got some blue that was really hard for me to capture without wrecking the car, then I noticed gold.




And yet, somehow I’m “meh” on the whole thing. I don’t think this is anything I couldn’t get with a base coat of blue (or purple) and a Fingerpaints flakie on top. Or, for that matter, the Color Club holiday flakie topcoat. I don’t know what I expected and can’t quite put my finger on why it isn’t just right. Maybe I was so thrilled when I saw it in the bottle that it wasn’t possible for the polish to live up to my ideals. Kind of like when you meet someone famous in real life and they don’t instantly become your best friend, even though you always just knew that if you ran into Drew Barrymore somewhere she would immediately realize how much you had in common and you’d be BFFs. Instead after you tell her how much you loved Charlie’s Angels she thanks you politely then moves on down the street.

I think maybe I expected to get more of the different color flakies at once – for there to be red and green at the same time, not just in different lights. At the end of the day there’s nothing really wrong with this color, but there are others I like better and I don’t expect this to become a go-to in my stash.


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