The Best Basecoat?

For a long time I avoided getting manicures. There are a lot of reasons, including not being able to sit still, and just wanting my nails a certain shape that nobody seem to understand. Besides, if I was changing my polish every 2 or 3 days, there didn’t seem to be much of a point. A few weeks ago, though, I decided that I probably needed some basic maintenance on my nails. Of course I decided this after I was out running errands, so I had to rummage through the racks at the salon to find a polish that I was ok with instead of putting on one of my favorites from home.

This was ok, because, hey, I was going to have to change it in a few days anyway. Then an amazing thing happened. Days went by and my nails still looked just as good as they had when I left the salon. On about day 7 I started to get tip wear. And this was OPI polish, which I used at home all the time and got chips on the second day (another reason I change polish so often; part boredom, part practicality).

When I went back, I paid close attention to what my manicurist was doing and what basecoat she was using. I saw a bottle of Orly Bonder and wondered if this was the magical difference. Out I walked with another week of perfect nails, and before I did them myself the next time I bought my own bottle of Bonder.

Bonder has been amazing. When I’m just doing swatches I don’t bother since I tend to do several at a time. Yesterday I intended to leave Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree on for a few days, because it’s so beautiful, but I realized I had gotten into swatching mode mentally and forgot to Bonder first. Sure enough, by this morning I had a chip on my thumb.

Bonder is $7 at Sally Beauty with a Beauty Club Card, and to me it’s $7 well spent, especially if I’m wearing a polish that’s long discontinued or $20 a bottle. Now my manicure is limited only by my attention span and not by chipping. It’s saved me the few days I often walked around with chipped nails when I just felt like I didn’t have time to sit down and do nothing for a half hour.

I’m curious though as to what others use and swear by as a basecoat to extend polish life?


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