Chanel Liquid Eyeliner!

Apparently right after I left Nordstrom for the Chanel event last Friday, the word was given to release new colors instead of holding them until this Friday, or something like that. All I know is I got to the counter and said, “where’d that shadow come from,” and my favorite Chanel person said “What time were you here Friday?” and these items had all come forth afterwards. There are a couple cream eyeshadows, etc, but here’s what really got me.


There are three beautiful liquid eyeliners. Noir (black), Purple (which actually has a little bit of sparkle to it as well), and Platine. Let’s chat about Platine. This one is limited. While it sound like silver, when Amy put it on my hand, it actually also had a little bit of something else in it – a light brown or purple or bronze but I just call it WOW.


I work at home and often don’t bother to do anything in terms of makeup. That being said, I have a feeling if nothing else I’ll throw on this Platine liner and some mascara before I leave my house. Since it’s limited, I got two. You can buy it at Nordstrom for $34 with free shipping, or from Chanel. It’s been on my hand for about three hours now with no sign of budging until I want to be rid of it. Which might be never.


Updated: I was pretty tired when I got home last night after meeting up with some other local nail polish lovers for dinner, and I admit I zonked out. It’s now 11 am (yes, I’ve been up for a while, STOP JUDGING ME), and that lovely Chanel eyeliner is still on – 15 hours later.


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