Comparison Swatches – Deborah Lippman Phoenix Rising, Butter London Scuppered and Shag

Todays comparison returns to the metallics. Butter London’s Shag is a copper described as “A high-shine, warm orange-burgandy metallic nail lacquer. Reminiscent of fallen Autumn leaves.” Scuppered is “Opaque, copper shimmer with pink, gold, and green glitter.” Phoenix Rising, part of the Rock This Town DL set, claims to be a “foxy copper.” Without further ado, here’s the visual  – Shag, Scuppered, Phoenix from left to right:





Interestingly enough, once again the DL and Scuppered share the same glitter tones – pink and green. Phoenix rising is a much more pinky copper – it’s almost exactly the color of a brand new penny from the mint, before it gets all grubby. To me Shag falls into what I traditionally think of copper. Scuppered’d base feels a little more on the bronze side. Phoenix Rising is almost what you would get if Shag and Scuppered had a little nail polish baby, and that was not expected. I actually fell more in love with Phoenix Rising than I expected; I might not have gotten it on its own were it not in the set – and that would have been a mistake. 



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