Rescue Beauty BIB4 Colors Go Live on Wednesday

At noon Eastern time this Wednesday, six of Rescue Beauty‘s loveliest lovelies will be available again. Even though they’re $20 each, these are amazing colors unlike much of what you’ll find anywhere else, and each color has a story behind it. If you think you want them, grab them, because when they’re gone they’re gone and they’ll be up on eBay for insane prices. Available will be: InsouciantRecyclePiu MossoStarfish PatrickOpaque Nude and the famous Aqua Lily, which I consider to be RBL’s “Clarins 230.” Even if you think $20 is spendy for a bottle of polish, take a few to check out the colors and gasp at the incredible nuanced shades Ji mixes. Also Ji is a total sweetheart who regularly engages with her fans on her Facebook page 


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