Color Club’s “Secret” Holo

I found this on a nail supply expedition a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought this was one of the new Color Club holos and I was excited that maybe the store had the whole collection. Alas, this seems to just be an older color. It’s called Love ‘Em/Leave ‘Em, and it’s an intriguing shade.


At first this was a kind of glimmery sand color. Very work appropriate, I thought; not likely to draw attention. Not boring but not attention grabbing. But what about the holo effect in the direct light?



It’s there but it won’t knock you down. You won’t run off the road turning your hands every which way in amazement. If you work in a conservative field, like law, this is a good thing. You could wear this to court and not be held in contempt. It’s kind of like your own little secret, almost like the wisdom that you wear gorgeous frilly underwear because at least you know you look good under your clothes.

If I ever have to get a job that requires me to wear a suit and play grown up lawyer, this might be my go-to color.


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