China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away Swatches (at least a couple)

Last week I picked up three of the Cirque polishes at Sally Beauty. (I have a great employee there who sees me walk in and instantly says “Oh, we just got blah blah in, let me get it from the back). The ones that appealed to me most where It’s A Trap-eze, which reminded me of a big jawbreaker – white base with candy colored particles; Spinning in Circles, and Water You Waiting For.

I know there are 12 polishes in this collection, and if I were a better person I’d have gotten all 12 so I could tell you about them all. But I buy all my own polish, and there are lots of people who are doing great swatches of whole collections, and I just can’t stomach the idea of having to re-home 9 polishes that I didn’t love after swatching them once. If this blog becomes my full time job one day, I commit to buying them all, swatching them all, ALL the colors. But what happened when I bought these was that I saw six cremes, most of which were pastel or really bright (I like dark, deep colors), two black glitter polishes that I imagined if I ever wore would lead to “what happened to your fingernails?” questions (all I could think when I saw these was that they looked like a hole puncher tray had been dropped into a bottle of lacquer), and a shimmery – orange. Orange is not my color. I actually decided not to go to the University of Texas for law school because I would not spend three years wearing burnt orange. (OK, financials were a factor too).

Home I came then with my three polishes. The first one I took out to swatch was It’s a Trap-eze. I put one coat on one nail, and looked at the sheerness, and all at once my thought process was “this is going to take a ton of coats and at the end you are going to have this huge pile of things on your nails that you have to sandpaper off.” I stopped and went on to the next polish. It actually surprises me little that the next week a friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook and it looked to have applied much more nicely than I would have thought. One day I will return to it.

The other two colors I bought though were huge scores. I feel like everything I buy is at least somewhat similar to something I have, but these were two colors for which I at least didn’t immediately think “oh, this is just a dupe of whatever.” 


Running in Circles might be my favorite. It is this amazing beautiful grassy green, and it is smoother than you’d think from the glitter to it. It was a little patchy with a 2 coat application so I went for a third. It’s bright but not neon. It’s. . . I don’t know. I love hunter green, which this is not, but it’s giving me a new appreciation for a lighter, brighter shade of green.


For some reason Water You Waiting For looks extra dark in these pictures. (LIght box out for delivery!) This polish made me think “mermaid prom dress.” And, speaking of mermaids, this has a similar rough texture to Deborah Lippman Mermaid’s Dream. I liked this color; I thought it was pretty, but it was Running in Circles that stole my heart. I favor polishes that are smooth, and that don’t “snag” on my hair, and I like a good shine to my nails (unless I’m wearing a matte polish – more on that later).

China Glaze Cirque du Soleil is at Sally Beauty now, and online at least it seems to be $3.50 a bottle if you log in with your beauty club card. 


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