Sephora X Deranged

Happy New Year to everyone! One of my priorities this year is going to be more consistent blogging. I started out strong and then got off track over the holidays. But I’m going to be better about this.

My first swatch is the polish I wore out last night. A lot of ladies were doing fancy stuff with their nails and stamping (I saw the most amazing nail art with a mirrorball plate done in the UO Green Holo) but I am just not that coordinated, plus I’m still fighting off a cold so the fact that I even got out was more a force of will than anything else. On the plus side, I don’t have a hangover this morning because I was just too tired to get up to much drinking.

I was kindly gifted a $5 Wrapp gift card for Sephora, and I immediately thought, “Polish!” I had everything I wanted from Sephora though, except for these new colors that had just come out – Sephora X. The line includes some glitter top coats, 3-D glitters, pearlescents, and just generally a bunch of beautiful things to put on your fingers, and prices range from $9.50 to $11.50. I opted for Deranged from the Prismatics set, described as a micro-sparkle deep eggplant metallic with rainbow shimmer, which was at the top end of the price scale at $11.50. 

My local store didn’t have them in yet but was happy to give me a code for free shipping so I could buy one. Deranged happened to arrive yesterday, so it seemed like a message that this was to be my New Years polish.

The first coat looked so sheer that I thought it would definitely take three coats for full coverage. The second coat, though, did a better job than I had expected, and when it was all over I’d had to put a third coat on about three nails, but the rest were ok with 2. If you’re liberal with the brush, it’s a two-coater; if you’re stingy it will be three. I did find that it was hard to find a happy medium – either I had so much on the brush that I was going to have a mess, or I had so little I wasn’t going to get a lot of coverage out of the coat.

Once on, this lived up to its description. It’s a deep purple, and it has red, blue, and green sparkle to it. It reminded me of Orly Fowl Play, though it has smaller particles. The purple is very deep to the point of almost looking black. I like it, but it’s not anything that is so unique I can’t live without it.



A couple of notes on the polish line. These are 10mL bottles, so about 2/3 of the size of an OPI bottle, and more expensive. Also, the polish name is on a label stuck onto the cap. For some reason this seems odd to me. Labels on the bottom are ok, because we don’t have our grubby, greasy hands on the bottom of the bottle directly. But since we pick up bottles by the caps, it seems like (if I didn’t have so much polish I will probably touch this about once a year) it’s just asking for the label to be worn out, rubbed off, or just generally screwed up. My favorite is the way Chanel prints the name on the bottle, but I get that you pay extra for that privilege. Still, at $11.50 for 10 mL (which scales up to $17.25 for 15 mL), I’d like to see better label placement. 


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