Julep Hailee Swatched

I own several suede finish polishes, but had never tried any of them. I’m not a big fan of matte, and I thought the suedes would somehow be “soft” instead of just flat, I also thought they would be so delicate that there was no way they would last long. After all, you can’t topcoat a suede without inherently changing the suede finish, and at that point you’re just wearing the polish for the color and may as well go for a regular finish polish.

I finally pulled out one of my suedes to test it, and decided Julep’s Hailee was the one to try. This is a mossy green and is currently available at Julep’s website for $14, or $11.20 with free shipping to Julep Mavens. Julep describes it as “khaki green suede.” This was actually also one of the first Juleps I had ever used; I have a bunch sitting around here waiting but hadn’t actually gotten around to using any of them yet. The bottle is a huge pain in the butt, because you can’t sit it down easily anywhere that it will be stable without spilling, so you have to hold it while you paint, or be very very careful to re-place it each time you go into the bottle. Other than that, I was very pleased with the formula; it went on easily and did the trick in two coats.

Photo Nov 29, 6 42 09 PM

I don’t know what I was expecting, but the “suede” was, to me, not really distinguishable from a regular matte. I loved the color though, and the depth of the color – not just a flat green monochrome – really won me over. I’m excited now to try some of the other suedes I have from Julep that are sitting around looking at me accusingly as if I don’t love them!


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