Shrieking Eels Swatched

A few weeks ago we were looking for a new person to join our nail polish swap box, and a nice young lady messaged me, and someone could vouch for her, and it also turned out that she made polishes, so we invited her to join us. All of this is a long way of getting to why, after I had decided to avoid small nail polish brands (mostly because I can’t handle having 200 more brands of polish and sets of colors to lust after), I ended up with a bottle of Nailgasm’s Shrieking Eels. 

This is a minty bluey-green with blue and what I’d call “ice blue” glitters of varying sizes. And, yes, the name comes from The Princess Bride, which is of course one of the top 5 movies of all time (why hasn’t anyone made Airplane! nail polishes?!). It arrived today while I had bare nails and was uninspired by anything I owned. And while it is maybe a pastel for spring, it’s also maybe a nice winter type color that makes me think of a snow queen from some movie or cartoon I can’t quite place.

On to the pictures! This was a three coater; the first one was very sheer. I think it would be great to layer over something of a similar base, but I didn’t look for such a color in my stash and just started painting. I could have gone for another coat if I really wanted to be sure that I had full opacity. This went on easily, no drama, and gave a fairly matte finish. I always want things glossy, so once I had done a picture for y’all of the au naturale finish, I did a Seche Vite topcoat. 

Here’s the finish by itself:



But we’re not done. This polish GLOWS IN THE DARK. You need to “charge” it up with a light source, but it actually glows. This was hard to capture since I couldn’t use a flash, duh, but it’s a stronger effect than in the picture. Way cool.



I feel like that picture is very Navy Seals night vision.

Shrieking Eels is available from Nailgasm on Etsy for $8 for a 15 mL bottle or $3.50 for a 5 mL bottle. Shipping is very reasonable ($2.50 for the first bottle in the US), and Brittany is an absolute sweetheart who likes bourbon and horses and lives in Kentucky – all things that I heartily endorse. 


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