YSL Bleu Cobalt Swatched (Guest Starring Premiere Neige)

I wasn’t really familiar with YSL’s nail polish until a couple of months ago. Between Chanel collections, I was unsure what else Nordstrom had to offer, so I asked my friend/personal shopper to walk around with me and find things from other companies that I might like. We ended up on the floor rummaging around in the YSL polish drawer looking for mythical colors that were no longer current, in the vain hopes of finding a hidden gem (dusty hunting at a higher end store, I guess). 

This, though, is what I came home with. It’s Bleu Cobalt, and in the bottle it’s this dark yet bright blue with a shimmer to it. It goes on darker, though, and becomes kind of an inky black-blue. I didn’t love the brush, which was so wide it made it hard to get my pinky nail covered. It’s also a small bottle for a hefty price – 10 mL, or .34 oz. 


Something was needed to spice it up – and I came up with just the thing, a topcoat of Premiere Neige. This topcoat settles like a snow globe, and you need to give it a hell of  shake to take it from this:


to this.


And then it kind of congeals around the top, so you need to take the brush and push the sparkle around the neck back into the bottle and shake it again until you finally get this:


This was an amazing topper to the Bleu Cobalt. One thing I noticed was that my leftt hand had more sparkle than my right hand – you need to paint quickly, or shake between hands, to maintain consistency. But, oh my. There’s a pinky-purple tone to the sparkle that appears primarily teal over the blue base. This is mermaid magic. I have two bottles, and I was going to return one but now, especially since they’re small, I think I’ll be keeping the second one – and not as a “keep it and sell it when it’s worth more” but as a “I will die a thousand deaths if I ever don’t have this polish available to me. If I were stuck somewhere with a creme polish, and I could bear to part with a smidgen of my precious, the creme polish would be bearable (and I don’t care for cremes one whit). SQUEEEEALLLL. Love.


Buy. Buy buy buy. I apologize in advance that I was going to try to do a new color every day this month. I don’t think I’ll be taking this sparkler off any time soon.



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