Nailgasm Wormy Swatched

As soon as I got my Shrieking Eels, I placed another order from Nailgasm. I got four colors this time; Wormy, Tardis Blue, Stardust, and Snow Flurious. I ordered minis of all four, but was upgraded to a full size of Tardis Blue (woooot!!). Here’s Wormy:


I really like this. It’s got a subtle goldish holo effect to it. I used three coats but suspect another might be needed to avoid being able to see through it in the direct sunlight. Compared to some of the bright silver holos (like Urban Outfitters), this one looks like it could easily pass for something more conservative. It’s light but not an “easter egg” pastel kind of color. It seems like it might be fairly close to Butter London Fishwife or Trustafarian, and I’ll probably compare them when I’m ready to take this off, but I’m going to wear it for a couple of days because I really really like it. At $8, this is a more affordable way to scratch that pastel holo itch, and you get 15 mL instead of 11 mL for $14 from Butter. I think I’ll be getting a full size bottle next time I order from Nailgasm. You can get Wormy via Etsy.

The only thing I didn’t love about this color was the brush; it was a little “clumpy” which made it hard to do an even application, as though polish had dried on the brush and stiffened it up. I didn’t have that issue with Shrieking Eels, so it might be the mini bottles, or it might just be a fluke. In no way did it diminish my affection for this color.


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