H&M Urban Spirit Swatched

A few weeks ago I was generously gifted an H&M gift card from Wrapp by a friend. The obvious thing to buy was, of course, polish, and since I had a $10 credit, and had to spend over $10 to use the credit,  I bought three polishes. (I actually had a second $10 Wrapp gift card so I ended up paying about $6 for six polishes). When I was trying to decide what to do with my nails today (I removed polish on 2 nails to compare Wormy to two Butter Londons, then couldn’t find Fishwife, but I had already started to undo Wormy, so it was time to change it up, and I couldn’t go to dinner with 8 fingernails painted), I picked up the H&M bag. After realizing I had two greens that looked very similar, and also that most of what I got was either something very similar to something I already had or incredibly impractical, I settled on Urban Spirit.

This is a light purple color with pink and green micro-sparklers in the bottle. In the inside light, it was pretty true to the bottle, but it took three coats to get opacity. When I went outside to get the mail, in our unseasonably warm but overcast day, the sparkle was gone and it just looked purple. It was still pretty but just didn’t have that little extra something. It is more purple than the silver tone it has in these pictures.

Photo Jan 10, 8 59 34 PM Photo Jan 10, 8 59 41 PM

I like this, and I’ll wear it for a couple of days, but then I probably won’t think about it again for a while. It seems a little spring-y for January, but so are the temperatures right now, so that seems fair. This polish was $4 or $5 at H&M.


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