Zoya Blaze Swatched

Until the end of February I am essentially home-bound. I work from home, and the next six weeks or so is my incredibly busy season. There will be one short trip per day to go out to Burger King and the gas station to fill the 100 ounce Mountain Dew mug (Diet!), then back to the grind.

All of this homebound misery calls for retail therapy, and a lot of excuses to myself – “I’m working 18 hours today, so I’m making enough money that it’s fine for me to buy whatever I want.” It also means that there will be a lot of nail painting because I can work (all typing) while my nail dry, which is not at all the case when my agenda consists of things like “put on grownup clothes” or “clean the house.”

I may end up with some sort of organized system to pick what to swatch. I equivocated between the newest polish I got in the mail that I thought maybe everyone hadn’t already seen swatched, or something more “from the vault,” and finally just picked the first thing that caught my eye, which was Zoya blaze.


In different lights this shifted between pure purple and more pinky-purple. This color is part of the Ornate collection, and is on sale in the Zoya 3 for $10 shipped promotion that is still going on. I’d recommend, if you like this color, that you also take a look at Storm and Aurora; black and purple shades with similar holo tones to them. I still think this one is a bit more on the pink/red side than I prefer, although I really like the sparkle it has. The holo doesn’t show up as strongly indoors on the nail as on the bottle, but is more present in sunlight, which, unfortunately, we just don’t have today.

The formula on this was amazing. It dried slowly enough that there was plenty of time to get polish on the nail and move it around. But, by the time I’d finished my right hand, my left was dry and ready for a second coat. I got full coverage easily with two coats and it dried to be smooth and shiny.


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