Nailgasm Star Dust (and a PSA)

First up, the PSA.  Don’t buy minis. Just don’t. Because you will get it and you will love it and need a whole bottle, and have to go buy a full one, and then you have this weird mini left over that you don’t know what to do with other than pour it into the full bottle once you’ve used some of that one up, and it’s just easier to cut that step out entirely and go right for the big one. If you don’t like the full bottle and you test it, you can swap it. Nobody wants a used mini bottle. 

This is actually a total lead-in to the next swatch, because this is the second of four polishes I got from Nailgasm that I bought as a mini (one was upgraded to full size!) and have been trying to test so I could make a decision on a full bottle before they disappeared. After doing this one, I gave up and just emailed and said, “I need a full size bottle of everything.” 

Star Dust is a lovely blue jelly with suspended glitter. It has glitter stars in the bottle, though I didn’t do a good job of mixing and didn’t get any on my nails this time. There’s a real depth to the sparkle – green, blue, silver, and an occasional yellow/orange. The glitter density is about 2-3 times what shows up in this picture, and it’s significantly less sheer when not under direct light.


I used three coats and still didn’t have the opacity I wanted, so next time I’ll start with a base (maybe Revlon Royal). The problem is that by the time I’ve realized it’s still sheer, it’s too late unless I start all over, which I didn’t want to do because I only have a mini bottle of this polish. (See? Another problem with minis). And next time I will shake it to make sure I get stars. Next time I’ll be using it out of a full size bottle though. So there! Brittany’s swatches on her Etsy page reveal a much better glitter hand than mine, I readily admit. But just look at that bottle!!

Oh, and I had no problems at all with the brush on this, other than just general “this brush is tiny” (another problem with mini polishes) incompetence on my part. Lovely lovely lovely.

Stardust is available for $8 for a 15 mL bottle from Nailgasm on Etsy.


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