Nars Purple Rain

This was a purchase, like Premiere Neige, that came of walking around Nordstrom with my favorite cosmetics department employee and saying, “hmmm, what would I like?” I got two purple Nars polishes, and this is the first.

This is a beautiful deep purple, but not so dark as to look black. It’s got a subtle metallic to it. When I first put it on it reminded me of Chanel Metallic Vamp but I think the Chanel is darker. This one is still available, which is always a plus; Metallic Vamp is about 10 years old and I haven’t found another bottle even on eBay in quite some time. I really love the added depth in natural light. I felt “meh” about this until I got it outside.


Purple Rain went on smoothly, but as you might notice from the third picture, I got tip wear right away in the 18 hours I waited for it to be daylight (not sunlight, but at least daytime) outside. To be fair, when I know I’m going to be undoing my polish every day or two, I don’t bother with Bonder, so this might have done much better with the proper prep. Purple Rain is available from Nordstrom for $18 and free shipping.



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