January SquareHue Colors

I thought about my goals a lot when I started this blog. I’m probably never going to be able to devote the time to it that other ladies do who can give you amazing swatches of every polish of every new collection from OPI and China Glaze. I’d like to be able to occasionally bring something to you that other people aren’t covering, and when I can do that first, or early, it will make me happy. But in the meantime, I’m going to focus on trying to let you know about great deals on polish, and introducing you to colors that I love. If you have tastes similar to mine, you might find something new. If you are already polish obsessed and follow each new collection from OPI diligently, you probably won’t get any news here. If you’re just becoming an addict, hopefully I can introduce you to something new.

The problem then with this post is that this polish isn’t buy-able in the regular sense anymore, so I can show it to you, and you can say “oooh, that’s pretty,” and then I can’t tell you where to go buy it. I guess in a way that’s no different from some of the independent polishes, although many of those are just temporarily out of stock. But, just like the indies, if you really want the polish I’m about to show you, you can look on eBay or on various Facebook groups dedicated to selling and swapping polish. So there’s your caveat. 

SquareHue is a monthly subscription service that just started – I think December was the first shipment. Each month you are sent three colors. The catch is that you don’t know. They’ll give you a “hint” or theme, and you can suspend your membership if you are sure you don’t want them, but that’s a chance you take. I don’t love this model (I much prefer Julep), but since the January collection was an Arctic theme, I signed up hoping it would be blues. Here’s what I got in the mail:



I was not disappointed when they arrived.  First is Arctic Frost, a shimmery champagne-y color. It’s not blue, but it sparkles, and that makes me happy.


Next was Glacier Skies. It’s not a shimmer, but it’s a light Carolina Blue, and that also makes me happy. I usually avoid cremes but I just can’t resist it.


And, last but certainly not least is Midnight Flurries. This is the one I was hoping for – a shimmery silvery medium blue. This will be the first one I use as soon as I’m ready to test these.  Absolutely amazing.


SquareHue is $21 a month. You have until the 18th of the previous month to sign up for the next month’s collection (the January colors sold out early!) and the February colors look like they will have a Valentine’s theme since they’re called “Vintage Love”. I hate pink, but I’m willing to take the risk that I’ll find something in the box I love and swap out the other two. The moral here is that if you think you might want SquareHue, sign up now – better safe than sorry. Also unlike Julep, SquareHue does not have a separate store where you can purchase colors. At least for now, once the boxes have gone out, that’s it.

I’m really impressed with the first month’s shipment. For the same price as Julep, give or take, it’s three full size 15 mL bottles of polish (almost exactly twice the amount that you get from Julep), so if you are head over heels in love with a color you won’t have to ration it out quite so carefully. Also, the square bottles will fit easily in my Helmer without wasting any space! You can join here for $21 a month.


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