SquareHue Midnight Flurries Swatched

The same day I got my January SquareHue box, i also started a three day no-polish nail oil experiment. Thus, I haven’t been able to swatch anything for three days. During that time I caught the light on the bottle of Midnight Flurries and realized it had red and green glitter in it, and this has been a very long three days. Now we are supposed to have snow tonight, so I thought, what a perfect time to put this polish on.

It’s really unfair to dangle this in front of you since it’s pretty much unobtainable right now, and for that I apologize. But I really needed to share my joy. This is what two coats looks like; good coverage, goes on smoothly. I did put Seche topcoat on, because the finish on its own was a little matte. Inside, in the dark, even with a coat of topcoat, the polish looks a little bit grainy. When it doesn’t hit the light, the glitter particles seem to be dark enough to make it look gritty (see the first picture).




This really is one of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen. It sparkles but isn’t a glitterbomb. Flurries is a perfect name; it has that glisten that you get on a new snowfall. I expected blue with silver, but not blue with silver and holo glitter like this. In fact, the silver that is prevalent in the bottle gets almost equal billing with the red/green once it’s on the nail. This is one of these polishes that, when my friends say “if I lived near you I’d come borrow polish from you,” makes me think “the HELL you would.” Not this one.



2 thoughts on “SquareHue Midnight Flurries Swatched

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the holo when I first opened the box! I am a sucker for holo. Maybe there will be something exciting in the February box, even if it’s all pink.

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