Nailgasm Snow Flurious Swatched

In keeping with yesterday’s theme, today I chose another winter themed polish, although our snow is already almost a distant memory. In a happy coincidence, the mailman brought my latest batch of polishes from Nailgasm, and thus I bring you Snow Flurious. This is a delicate polish; even with three coats I didn’t have 100% opacity, but I decided I was ok with that, especially since my nails are short right now so there’s not much in the way of visible nail line. There are visible blue glitters, and larger white glitters that blend into the primary white color. And then there is a lovely tiny greenish glitter that waits to catch the light, then twinkles. The colors kind of remind me of the Abominable Snowman from the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Claymation.

Photo Jan 19, 10 51 04 AM


2 thoughts on “Nailgasm Snow Flurious Swatched

  1. It is really beautiful! I don’t usually go for whites but couldn’t resist this. Her etsy shop is closed right now for vacation but it shouldn’t be more than a couple days, I’d imagine. I think next time I’m going to start with a white or off-white base – must conserve the loveliness!

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