Chanel Metallic Vamp

Today I needed something special on my nails. I had a bad, bad day yesterday and am still coming out of the resulting funk. I was at a loss as to what would make me feel better in the way of polish, what was truly special. And then I remembered a treasure in my stash.   Way back in ’95 or so a friend told me about Chanel Vamp and insisted that I buy it. This was, of course, way before the nail polish boom that’s going on now. I think it was a whopping $18 for this polish, but I gladly shelled it out for the purple in the group of three shades. Somehow I have managed not to lose or break this bottle in the ensuing years, although the outside of the bottle is not exactly pristine. When I remembered I had this, I thought it might do the trick.   This is with one coat. Despite its age, this polish hasn’t thickened one bit. Photo Jan 20, 7 22 25 PM

Then, just to add a little something, I did a topcoat of YSL Premiere neige. I kind of think the YSL gets swallowed up, especially in the direct sun (the second picture) but it was a good thought. Photo Jan 21, 3 23 16 PM Photo Jan 21, 3 23 39 PM


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