Jade Holografico Magia Negra Swatched

Today I got some new close up filters for my good camera, so I’m trying to make the switch from (what I find to be surprisingly good for most purposes) iPhone photographs to actual grown-up digital SLR pictures. Baby steps!

Last night I decided to break out one of the two Jade Holografico polishes I purchased. These are available from LLaRowe and Ninja Polish for $7 each, but they also come in 8mL bottles instead of a “standard” 15 mL like OPI. Still, these aren’t colors you’d wear every day so that small bottle should last a good while. I believe these are made in Brazil and have some different rules about chemical ingredients so they are not “3-free,” “4-free” etc like most other polishes. Be aware they may have a stronger smell than you’d expect.

This is two coats, with a Seche Vite topcoat that did not dull the holo at all. These are all indoor shots (although one is indoors in the sunlight I could get in through the window) and the holo effect on these is super strong. Although the color is “black” I found it to be more of a grey or brown-black than a true pure dark black – but I still loved this color. It’s relatively easy to find holo silvers and pastels, but dark holos are rarer. (By the way, Jade has made some absolutely beautiful purples, dark pinks, reds, and blues in this line).




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