Zoya Delilah Swatched

I am going to a two day legal education thing tomorrow and the day after, which inspired me to go “conservative” with my nail color. By that I mean not blue or green or purple or holo. (Full disclosure: I’ll go in jeans and a t-shirt. I could really go in with flaming fingernails and nobody would care. Still, it inspired me, like wearing glasses when I took the bar exam in the hope that it might make me look smarter to the answer grid sheet).  So the choice was my new Zoya Delilah.

Zoya describes Delilah as “Bright red glitter in a cool toned cherry red base. The fiery, glimmering red that can add glamour to any look.” I don’t like warm reds, so I went ahead and decided to try this one during the recent 3 for $10 Zoya promo. Once on, the singular thought I had was of the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. This is a red I like, and will wear over and over again – or would, if I didn’t have hundreds of polishes. 


As has been my experience with all Zoya, this color went on smoothly. I used two coats and got great coverage.


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