Stop, Drop, and Squarehue

SquareHue’s February boxes are almost sold out. If you liked the January colors, run, don’t walk, and sign up for the low price of $21 a month. Here’s the teaser for February.



Nailgasm Singles Awareness Day

I’m quickly becoming a real fan of Nailgasm. Somehow Brittany has a way of taking colors I would think, eh, not for me (which is true of cremes and reds, and pastels), and putting them together in an amazing way. I also love buying polish that is available – there is none of this super limited only making 20 bottles that sell out in 10 seconds business. Maybe, actually, I should shut up about how great her polishes are.

Today I’m wearing Nailgasm’s February 14th polish, Singles Awareness Day. This is a grey-blue creme base with red chunky pieces and the occasional heart – all things I would not gravitate towards on my own. Not a *ton* of hearts, blessedly. I got two in the whole manicure with three coats. I don’t want a twee “hearts everywhere” manicure, but one or two is just fine. Another great thing was that I got the heart in the first coat, and the polish layered beautifully over it, so it’s kind of a hidden heart. I love the way that with layers you get a real depth to the red, even though the pieces are all one color.




This polish reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it. There’s plenty of time for you to get your own bottle and wear it proudly next month. Singles Awareness Day is $8 for a 15 mL bottle, or $3.50 for a 5 mL mini on

Guest Nails Round 2 – Dollish Polish Cold Winds are Rising

I apologize in advance for the next month. I am working crazy hours, and since my Jade polish hasn’t chipped yet I can’t justify sitting still for long enough to redo my nails, and I was thankful Butter rolled out new polish yesterday so I could cross “work on blog” off my to do list and not feel like an abandoner. I am also thankful that my friend Daniela seems to be on her own indie kick and is sending me pictures of all of her cool manicures.

This is Dollish Polish Cold Winds are Rising. D actually found this after sending me a link to a polish on Etsy that was from a seller in Germany. I did some asking and this was a recommendation someone came up with. This was two coats and is full coverage. The glitter is subtle; she said from arms length you can’t really tell there is glitter at all.



Butter London Starkers Collection

Butter London has just announced its new trio of nude polishes, Shandy, Crumpet, and Tea & Toast. I’m not wild about the nudes but they might be just your thing. Remember, the prices have gone up to $15 each now.


Jade Holografico Magia Negra Swatched

Today I got some new close up filters for my good camera, so I’m trying to make the switch from (what I find to be surprisingly good for most purposes) iPhone photographs to actual grown-up digital SLR pictures. Baby steps!

Last night I decided to break out one of the two Jade Holografico polishes I purchased. These are available from LLaRowe and Ninja Polish for $7 each, but they also come in 8mL bottles instead of a “standard” 15 mL like OPI. Still, these aren’t colors you’d wear every day so that small bottle should last a good while. I believe these are made in Brazil and have some different rules about chemical ingredients so they are not “3-free,” “4-free” etc like most other polishes. Be aware they may have a stronger smell than you’d expect.

This is two coats, with a Seche Vite topcoat that did not dull the holo at all. These are all indoor shots (although one is indoors in the sunlight I could get in through the window) and the holo effect on these is super strong. Although the color is “black” I found it to be more of a grey or brown-black than a true pure dark black – but I still loved this color. It’s relatively easy to find holo silvers and pastels, but dark holos are rarer. (By the way, Jade has made some absolutely beautiful purples, dark pinks, reds, and blues in this line).



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