Orly High on Hope

This is the first of the three colors I picked up from the Sally spring collections yesterday. High on Hope is a dark blue with a pink shimmer. I was able to get coverage in two coats, although on a couple of my nails I obviously went too light on the first one and got a little bit of visible brush line in the direct sunlight. 


Speaking of sunlight – wow! When we finally got a couple hours of the bright stuff (it was the day after I did my nails, and I don’t use Bonder when I’m blogging because I don’t keep anything on for long, so I was starting to have tip wear), it shows not just the pink shimmer but a duochrome-y shift to gold. I’ve tried to capture it in this picture; this is something I’ve come to expect from expensive indie polishes but was pleasantly surprised to find in an Orly. It almost makes up for the boring new bottle. This one is definitely a keeper!



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