China Glaze Fancy Pants and Nailgasm Candy Land Swatched

Fancy Pants was the last of my three Sally Beauty spring polishes to swatch. This one is a purple with a pink shimmer to it. There were no real surprises or shifts to this one, and I had a hard time finding the pink once it was on my nails unless I made an effort to see it. 



It was a nice color, but didn’t wow me. So I decided to top it with Nailgasm’s Candy Land, part of the Wishes and Whimsy collection on Etsy. This is a very pastel-y glitter, and normally I don’t like pastels but in this dosage I can do it. Also note the star hiding out on one finger; my right thumb lucked into two stars. I had to be a little bit careful about evenly distributing the glitter, and I had a little annoyance with a star sticking up. This was entirely my fault though; I can’t find my Seche Vite right now so it wasn’t properly topcoated.



I will say, though, that I didn’t use a base coat for this, and I got a good two days out of the color before my first chip, which came only when I was overly hasty in opening a box, so, props to the formulation, China Glaze. Still, the Orly was much more interesting to me.

I have exciting things slated for swatching this week but am trying not to dangle unobtainable polishes, so I’m still sorting out what exactly to show. At least one post though must involve my lovely SquareHues. I cannot wait to get that green on my fingers!


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