Nailgasm Evil Queen Swatched

As I mentioned yesterday, Nailgasm recently released the Wishes and Whimsy collection. One of her polishes, Evil Queen, was only available if you purchased the whole set, which I did even though I had already bought a couple of the individual polishes. In the bottle, this polish looked like a black base with a silvery-gold glitter and some red as well. But let me tell you what happened when I started to apply it.

I did this:


And I realized two things very quickly. First, this was probably going to take three coats for opacity. Second, that it was far, far too beautiful to use up three coats, and that I needed to go off and get a black base color first. (And in this process I also realized I should probably do the glue base to get the glitters off more easily, thankfully BEFORE I got too far down the road.) So I wasted on coat on one nail in the interest of saving a lot more polish, and ran off to get my go-to, Orly Liquid Vinyl. This was the result (including a blurry photo to try to capture the incredible color range in the light):





This one occupies the same place in my heart as Satine and Helios by Daily Lacquer, and The God of Destiny from Rainbow Honey. Just a beautiful, glittery, light-catching sparkle. What more does anyone need?


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