Nerd Lacquer Shiny Swatched

I was able to grab several Nerd Lacquers in the first relaunch of this brand a few weeks ago. For those of you not familiar with the story (I wasn’t), these polishes became basically impossible to obtain and were commanding sky high prices of sometimes as much as $100 a bottle on eBay. Thankfully when they can be had directly from, the price is a much more reasonable $10 a bottle, although you’ll need to be online immediately to get them. These polishes are also coming to Harlow & Co and Ninja Polish, but will almost certainly sell out immediately there as well. The good news though is that there is no longer a need to pay top dollar on eBay anymore, and on swap groups Nerds can now be had for about $15 – more than retail, but still reasonable.

This is Nerd Lacquer Shiny. A good friend of mine had an extra from a recent restock, and kindly offered it to me at her price. I wasn’t sure I’d love it, but thought, well, it’s blue and silver, and I like those colors, and I’ve liked all the Nerds I’ve gotten so far, although I’ve yet to use any of them, so I’ll grab it. I came back from New Orleans with a hangover, exhausted, all of that to have it sitting in my mailbox, and tonight Shiny became the first of my Nerds to actually make it onto my hands.

Shiny went on in two coats. It was hard to get an even first coat, and though it was mostly even with two coats (and would have been if I’d been more careful on the first), I had a bit of a thin spot on one finger that probably should have taken a third coat. But, but, this is Nerd Lacquer, so I’m not going to use a single bit more of it than I have to.

For some reason I had a really easy time applying this polish. It stayed put, and stayed wet long enough for me to move it around as I needed to get coverage but not get it all over the place. This was the first polish I’ve used in a long time where I didn’t need to go back and take it off of the cuticles of my right hand later. 

The color itself is amazing. There is a blue micro glitter and varying sizes of larger silver glitters, and I love the icy, wintry look it gives that will carry over to spring. What I did not like was that I just took out a bag of trash and three nails of polish just sheered right off, which I don’t mean as a criticism because I really should have used Bonder, and now I will next time.

On to the pictures!




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