Aly’s Dream Polish Sky Blue and Deep Emerald Swatched

This one’s for all of you holo lovers out there. A few weeks ago a friend in a Facebook group started posting holo swatches, in the “which of these colors do you like best that I should make?” kind of way. Another friend said, “well, all of them,” and all of a sudden Aly’s Dream Polish was launching for pre-orders with something like 70 holos. The range is incredible – if you want a light blue, a dark blue, a blue with a little more green to it, but not that much green – it’s all there. My only complaint was that, as a Carolina fan, there was a “Duke Blue” polish, but there was none named Carolina Blue, which, as everyone knows, is a real thing, but Duke Blue is not. When I (mostly jokingly) said something about it, Duke Blue was changed to Duchess Blue. Hee hee, point for me!!

After much back and forth I picked 8 – Sky Blue, and 18 – Dark Emerald. (Disclosure-I purchased these polishes with a blogger discount, but I did pay for the polishes). There were a few limited edition etched bottles, and I opted to get one in the etched bottle and one with the stick on label.

First, Sky Blue #8, this one with the new sticker label. This is two coats, and no problems with application. It went on easily and smoothly.

IMG_2440 IMG_2442 IMG_2443 IMG_2441

And here is Dark Emerald #18, in the etched bottle – equally easy to apply and full coverage in two coats.

IMG_2446 IMG_2445 IMG_2444

Here are my overall impressions. Both colors were easy to work with, and super smooth – I didn’t use Seche Vite on top of these. I love the range of colors offered; you can pretty much find anything you’re looking for. These are not at holo as some of the super holo colors I’ve tried, like the Urban Outfitters polish, so at $12 a bottle you’re really trading a little less holo power for more color choices. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; I don’t always need an in my face oh my god look at that effect that distracts me while I’m driving, and even without the holo effect, like in indoor lighting, the colors were very pretty. Dark Emerald, especially, is a color that has not been done that much by other companies – holos tend to be pastel-y, so I was very happy to be able to get some deeper shades. The more I look at these pictures in detail, actually, the more I’m in love with the colors. Allergies have made it hard for me to be in love with anything in person this week. In fact, Dark Emerald reminds me of A England Dragon, which is a little bit less expensive, but also comes in an 11 mL bottle instead of a 15 mL bottle. These are definitely worth checking out if you have a particular color you just can’t seem to find in anyone else’s line, or if your favorite shade always seems to be sold out – there may well be a similar color available from Aly’s! Aly’s Dream Polish is available for $12 for a 15 mL bottle here.


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