Catching Up, Sales, etc.

April was a pretty crap month for me, and I’m coming out of it trying to get back into the swing of things. I have a ton of things I swatched and didn’t post yet, and I’m going to work again on getting back into a regular habit here. I won’t bore you with details; there’s no excuse. So, onwards and upwards.

Here are today’s sales and nail polish events:

Candy Lacquer will be restocking at some point before noon.

Ellagee is offering 10% off through Sunday with code “luvmymom.”

Indie Polish is adding polishes throughout the weekend.

Smitten Polish is restocking at 2 and 8 pm, Eastern.

Tomorrow’s events:

Darling Diva will be reopening at 9 pm Eastern and offering 30% off with code “3000LIKES.

Digital Nails will be launching a new collection inspired by Dr. Who, as well as restocking, at 9 pm Eastern, and will ship orders over $50 free with code SHIP50.

Nail Pattern Boldness is restocking (time not known yet).

Some of these will sell out quickly, and some will be around for a while. I’ll be watching most of these to see if anything grabs me (I’m really liking some of what Digital Nails already has up for sale!) and will share my purchases, but they may be gone by the time I get them to show off. For shops that are currently closed on Etsy, I highly recommend that you browse the prior sales to get a feel for the brand’s colors. I do own some colors from Nail Pattern Boldness that I love, and I have a review coming up for her Glitter A-Peel (maybe today!).

Happy shopping!


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