Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A-Peel

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a link about using simple glue as a basecoat under glitter polish. The idea was that it would peel off easily, with none of the sit and soak or scrub at your nails that was usually required when taking off glitter. I followed her lead, ordered some glue, put it in a nail polish bottle, and was so-so on the results. I might have had a different brand of glue than she did, but where she raved about it, I found it hard to peel and still ended up doing a good bit of scraping.

I was thus thrilled when Nail Pattern Boldness announced a new product for a very special introductory price. I purchased two bottles of Glitter A-Peel for $3 each, figuring that this might become a staple and I might go through two bottles in no time. They shipped quickly, and I couldn’t wait to try them out.


I placed one coat of Glitter A-Peel on each nail, let it dry, and then applied my polish (Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker) on top of it. On the first use, I wanted to test removal, so I didn’t wait long at all until I started peeling. Angels sang! In one simple sheet – bam! There it was! I wanted to do something craftsy with this lovely nail polish button that I was left with.


There appeared to be no damage to my nails underneath, no lifting, nothing!

Now it was time to look at the other side of the coin – durability. A few days later I painted my nails again and this time left the polish alone to see how long it would last. Within 24 hours, I had sheered off a whole fingernail opening a box – and it did sheer, just like the polish had when I had intentionally removed it. The second time I used Glitter A-Peel though, it made it through two days before I got antsy and peeled my nails because I could.

Here’s my overall diagnosis. Glitter A-Peel is AMAZING in the removal department. If you are wearing a glitter polish for a special event, this is the stuff. Longevity is a bit dicier. I’d be nervous about using this under something super precious, like Nerd Lacquer, where I feel like once I paint my nails I want it to last forever because the polish is so valuable. I also have long hair that I touch constantly which I don’t think helps; I feel like my hair catches on the basecoat and all of a sudden I have a big peel. But I can’t say authoritatively that it’s not a good product on this count, either, because it DID last for two days the second time I used it. Where I think this will really shine for me, other than for special events, is when I’m blogging and trying to do polish quick changes. 

Glitter A-Peel is available from Nail Pattern Boldness on Etsy and from Llarowe for $8. It is out of stock on both sites currently, but I would highly recommend having at least one bottle on hand – even if it’s not your usual glitter basecoat, it is absolutely amazing in any situation where you want to do a quick change in a short period of time.


2 thoughts on “Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A-Peel

  1. Glitter peels are the best invention ever! The time and energy (literally) spent on taking glitters off, disappear in an instant. I agree with you though, that it depends on the type and how long you want to wear a varnish. But at least with this you have options

  2. Agreed! I get frustrated with having to take a lot of time to remove – time to apply polish seems fitting but when I’m done with it, I want it GONE!

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