Hillbilly Love Lacquer Double Wide Swatched

I picked this polish up from a blog sale just based on a picture of the bottle – it looked like an interesting color, and an interesting brand. I’m a sucker for cute bottle art (cough Sonoma Nail Art cough) and the label on this one is “HLL” spelled out in boards – so redneck! The whole line of polish has similar white trash names, like Gator Bait and Barefoot and Pregnant. Here’s Doublewide! This took me three coats to get full coverage. One interesting quirk is that most of the glitter seems to be settled on one side of the bottle, so I think I got less than the full complement in this manicure. The consistency on this was great, and I did my manicure on Sunday (with no Bonder) and took these pictures on Wednesday, with the color still intact on all of my nails, which is a real accomplishment.  I had a hard time getting the camera to capture the holo outside of the bottle but it’s there. IMG_2454 IMG_2453 IMG_2450 This may be my first Hillbilly Love Lacquer but I’ve already got my eyes on the next two polishes that I want from this brand. HLL is available on Etsy.


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