Shamrock Floam

It is a long and complex story how Shamrock Floam found itself to me, but it finally did. Some history on this – a different indie maker created Floam polish (yes, named after the kid’s product) initially, and at some point Ninja Polish took over making Floam, and then expanded the line beyond the original color, which was green, blue, and yellow. Now there is Spooky Floam for Halloween, Hanukkah Floam, and Candy Cane Floam, among others – in fact, there are now 11 different versions of Floam where originally there was just one. Kind of like Highlander in reverse.

The newest is Shamrock Floam. I’m a sucker for green, so this went on my list as soon as it came out. I found this to be so easy to apply; with the thicker texture it was easy to control and to prevent getting polish on my skin. One difficulty I had was making sure each nail had the same coverage. On some nails, two coats was enough to get this coverage; on some I had to go back for a third pass. I also think next time I’ll use a similar colored basecoat so I can use less Floam. Here’s what it looked like over a bare nail:

IMG_2478 IMG_2479 IMG_2477

Floam polishes do give a textured finish (which seems to be the thing this spring, and which I find much less annoying than crackle finish) so a good bit of topcoat is needed if you want that super shiny finish. Shamrock Floam is currently out of stock but sells for $9 at Ninja Polish, which offers free shipping in the US for orders over $40.


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