Scofflaw Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut

The first time I heard of Scofflaw polish, a fairly new indie brand, it was because the owner of Nerd Lacquer was giving her a shout-out for her upcoming release. The launch sold out in a hot minute, and I didn’t really pay attention because I hadn’t seen any of the polishes anywhere, and nobody was really sure whether they were actually great, or everyone wanted them because Nerd said to buy them. I started following the Scofflaw page, and paying attention, and didn’t hear anything bad about them, and then Llarowe picked up Scofflaw which seemed to legitimize her even more, and then I found a couple of colors I liked and ordered from Llarowe, but haven’t used yet. I’ll be honest – most of her shades are things that just aren’t my cup of tea, although they’re very pretty. I’m not a big fan of creme bases, or yellows, or bright reds, or pinks. I look at her polish David Bowie’s Bulge and I can see the artistry; it is clear how it came from the picture on the album cover, it’s just not colors I’d wear.

In her latest restock though I came across a limited edition that WAS up my alley and did not pass go, did not collect $200 before it was in my cart. Good thing, too, because it sold out within a couple of minutes. And here is how Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut arrived:


I was already in love at this point. How adorable! I waited a couple of days to open it, not wanting to ruin the magic of the packaging. This morning I carefully untied the string and painted my nails, and fell more in love. There’s also a beautiful sparkle to the blue base that I could not capture in any of the pictures I took. This was two coats, and it went on easily. And, while a Seche topcoat would have put an extra shine on it, it was not as textured as it looks in the second photo; this was a pretty smooth polish for something that has “bits and pieces” in it.

IMG_2487 IMG_2492

Scofflaw is available on Etsy for $10 a bottle, and at Llarowe.


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