Picture Polish Hope Swatched



Today I’m showing you one of the newest colors from an Australian brand, Picture Polish. Hope is described as “a dark teal blue jelly holo (scattered) with a subtle smattering of cobalt glitter designed to come alive with a little shake of the bottle.” IMG_2510


With two coats, Hope was opaque and had a scattered holo effect. I used to work in a machine shop many years ago as an office manager, and Hope made me think of the small slivers of aluminum that would come off of the machines; I could see short but linear silver and holo particles in the polish. I did some blurry pictures to capture the effect; this isn’t a knock you out strong linear holo but a polish that has a nice somewhat understated sparkle to it.

IMG_2505 IMG_2507 IMG_2508

And, yes, I took these the day after I painted my nails (to get some sun pictures) so there was a little bit of tip wear, but nothing dramatic. I really love the confetti look that this has to it.

If you don’t live in Australia and don’t want to place a huge Picture Polish order from overseas (maybe you should; they have some beautiful colors), Llarowe also stocks most of the collection, although Hope is currently not in stock. I don’t keep polish on for long at one time, but I have friends who absolutely swear by the longevity of Picture Polish. Perhaps its time for a wear test.



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