Ipsy May Bag

This month I was talked into joining Ipsy on the promise that they would have a Zoya polish. Ipsy is a $10 a month (plus tax, at least in NC) beauty box that sends you an assortment of small products. I figured for $10, I could at least try it for a month and see how I liked it. It’s a small enough amount that I wouldn’t feel totally screwed if I hated all the stuff.

Here’s what arrived in my May bag:


Zoya GeiGei

Yaby Concealer in Vanilla

Anastasia Brow Gel

Pacifica Perfume Roll On in Tahitian Gardenia

Mirabella Lipstick in Daydream

I didn’t like the pink polish, but I’ll find someone to swap it with. The polish alone almost pays for the $10 price. The perfume was nice but other people got a vanilla, so I’m swapping that. I have yet to try the concealer but it is at least plausible that the shade will work for me. The lipstick looks subdued enough to be worth throwing in my purse, and while I would never buy brow gel on my own, I probably need it even if I don’t want to admit it. Finally, I adore the little bag. I’m a big fan of keeping organized bags in my purse – I have one for electronics, for example, that always keeps an ipod, headphones, and charging cables. This will be going into heavy use.

My biggest complaint is shipping – although it’s free, the bag shipped from a location 2 hours away from me. It then went via DHL to two other states completely out of the way before coming back to be delivered about 6 days later. I could have walked to pick the box up in that time.

For $10, even if I only get a couple of things I like each month it’s worth it, and it shouldn’t be hard to swap the other items out with other people. If nothing else, they’ll make great extras to throw in packages for other people. You can sign up for Ipsy here.


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