SquareHue May Colors – Pink Everywhere!

SquareHue’s theme for May was the “Madonna Collection,” so I guessed there would be some pink in the box. I was, um, surprised to open it to all pink colors though. Here’s what came out for May:


I will not be swatching these for you, because I am just not a fan of pink. If the silver shimmer in Mother’s Pearl had been in the light pink of Happy Creme, it might have been something I’d wear on a whim, but none of this did the trick for me. Day Glo and Mother’s Pearl were too BRIGHT PINK LOOK HERE, and I don’t like cremes, so this collection was a bust for me. 

Here’s the upside. A lot of customers commented to SquareHue that we’d appreciate getting a box that wasn’t ALL the same color – for the very reason that if you hate pink, you’ll hate the whole box. I’ve definitely liked some boxes more than others (January was my favorite) but this was the first box that I felt was really not a good assortment. I probably won’t wear the pastels in the April box, but they’re at least a mix of colors. Anyway, SquareHue has shown itself to have excellent customer service. They started sending out the tracking numbers when orders shipped, and when they were late this month (thank USPS for that one), SquareHue employees went out of their way to find out why and keep everyone informed via Facebook.

I’ll chalk this one up to a miss, but it won’t change the way I feel about the brand. Next month is the SoBe collection. From the preview, it might be neons, but at least it will be more than one color.



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