Orly MegaPixel FX – Plum Pixel

I have a list of polishes queued up to post about, but I wanted to skip the line with this one, because I’m just amazed. I had to return some things at Sally last week and picked up a couple of Orly polishes. One, Plum Pixel, was from their MegaPixel FX line, which seems to be Orly’s foray into the current textured polish trend. The FX polishes are always more expensive, and I think this was $7.49 with my Sally discount. There are six colors – a silver, a black, a rose, a pink, an aqua, and a plum. The aqua was very pretty but too close to the other Orly I was buying that day, so I got Plum Pixel instead.

This has been on my nails since Sunday, and I have had a long birthday weekend of, um, festivities that have not involved me taking good care of my nails. I didn’t have basecoat on either, yet this is still almost totally intact three days later. Orly’s claim of “just two quick drying layers” is absolutely spot on as well. It is definitely textured, but was not so textured as to be annoying to me. Here’s Plum Pixel:



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