Scofflaw Underripe

Scofflaw has some beautiful colors coming out for the summer, but I shouldn’t mention that because I don’t want competition at her restock. I can show you Underripe, however, because I already have it. Underripe is available exclusively at Llarowe for $11; Llarowe has free shipping on orders of $50 or more (and, honestly, very reasonable shipping for smaller orders) in case you need a justification to pic up a few other pretty things while you’re there.

Underripe is described as a kiwi green, and this was exactly what came to mind when it arrived (I love kiwis!). It has a beautiful silver microglitter, and then larger black square glitter and silver hex glitter. These aren’t readily apparent in my swatting pictures, because I had a hard time getting these out of the bottle, except for on the right hand of course, of which I am completely incapable of taking a picture.


One thing I noticed was that my polish was significantly lighter than the picture on Llarowe indicated. I’m not sure whether this was a batch variation or a difference in lighting, although I couldn’t find lighting that made my polish look as dark as that on the web site.


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