Silly Bee’s Chickadee’s Grape Sorbet

I first learned about Silly Bee though a collaboration with Sonoma Nail Art called “Don’t Eat the Polish,” which I will get around to swatching eventually. I actually got those three Silly Bee polishes because she posted three April Fool’s polishes, and I bought them, which secretly had a prize of the other three polishes. And I am a sucker for whimsical things like April Fool’s polishes, moving Silly Bee up on my list to almost fill the hole in my heart that was left when Nailgasm closed up shop. Also, who could look at these labels and not fall in love? The cartoon is customized for each collection; for example, the Mystery Mix polishes have a deerstalker cap (like Sherlock Holmes – for the mystery – get it?).


Up today is Grape Sorbet. This is a purple jelly, and is somewhat sheer; it needed three coats for the level of opacity here. A good base coat of a solid purple would have been a good idea but as usual I thought of that after the fact. What is amazing about Grape Sorbet  is that other than the small glitters that are in it, there is also a pink shimmer, which I didn’t notice at all until I got out into the sunlight. I’ve tried to capture it as best I could in my pictures, and maybe now that you know about it, you’ll be able to pick it out.

IMG_2568 IMG_2567 IMG_2569

The only thing I don’t like about Silly Bee so far is that with these flat bottles, even using the polish once makes a noticeable dent in the top, which is psychologically damaging to me. This is more than made up for though by the amazing way polishes are packaged which has always included extras like stickers to keep the child in me happy.

Silly Bee’s Chickadees polishes are available on Etsy.


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